Groove Builders are provided as MIDI files and work in all DAWs that support custom quantization settings. We provide a training video and guidance on how to set up and use Groove Builders in the following DAWs which are referred to as “Supported DAWs”:

  •  Ableton Live Standard and Suite

  • Cubase Pro 

  • FL Studio Fruity, Producer, and Signature Editions

  • Logic Pro X 

  • Nuendo

  • Studio One Artist and Professional 

  • Reason Intro, Standard, and Suite

For FL Studio and Ableton Live Standard & Suite, we also may provide FL Score files and Groove Pool files that will help you get set up to use Groove Builders in seconds. For Logic Pro X, we provide a template with Groove Builders already set up so you can get started right away.

You don’t need to install anything extra to use Groove Builders in Supported DAWs.

Please note that DAWs are coded differently so results may be specific to your DAW. We provide the same MIDI files for each DAW to read and have tested and enjoyed using Groove Builders in each Supported DAW.

Through our direct delivery system powered by Shopify, you can download the purchased product instantly after checking out. We also send a download link to the email address you provide during checkout. If you do not see the download link in your email after at least 10 minutes after purchase, please check your spam folder. If your on a Windows, you can consider using a free archive utility tool, such as 7-Zip, to unzip the file that you receive.